Physiotherapy is about making you move better in life. Here at Physiozone, we will help you restore physical function after an injury and prevent further injuries.

We specialize in assessing, diagnosing, and treating injuries related to muscles, bones, ligaments, joints, and nerves. We help restore physical function with a range of treatment options, such as manual therapy, injury-specific exercise prescription and the use of various modalities. Our therapists are highly trained and knowledgeable on current topics to provide clients with a high quality, individualized care program.


6-Week PAIN program 

What is pain? Why do people feel it? Where exactly does it come from? What is the precise physiology behind pain? And, most importantly, how can pain be eliminated or at least reduced? Every year, hundreds of new studies attempt to answer these questions. The answers to these questions continuously evolve and change with each new research study published in journals around the world. This purpose of this program is to provide a summary of the multitude of “pain” studies in ten simplified lessons. The sole purpose of this concise and straightforward program is to help those who deal with persistent and medically “unexplained pain,” to feel in control and optimistic about once again regaining their quality of life. So here is The Pain Truth…and Nothing But!


Pain Truth Nothing Book Workbook

Sports Related Musculoskeletal Injuries

Our therapists help treat and prevent musculoskeletal disorders in the human body that are caused by injury and disease. We treat the problem that causes pain and limitations during your daily life and sporting activity. Our therapist will help you improve your balance, stamina, force and coordination, which will help you regain function in your life.

Golf-Specific Rehabilitation

  • Posture analysis
  • Flexibility and Strength Assessment
  • Individualized core-strengthening program to optimize your game
  • Prevention of golf injuries
  • Treatment of musculoskeletal injuries

Ask about our golf workshops for private clubs and golf tournaments. Provide your members with the necessary tools to help them improve their game with individualized, core strengthening programs and injury prevention tips to keep them on the links all summer long.

Senior Care

At Physiozone, we are devoted to providing a comprehensive and personalized care to improve the client’s quality of life by respecting each one’s level of independence. We have experience in pre- and post- care for: total knee replacement surgery, total hip replacement surgery, recovery from extended hospital stays, pneumonia, and significant muscle atrophy and deconditioning. We understand the difficulty of getting yourself to a clinic, and that’s why we make house calls; for the convenience of having Physiotherapy in your home or even hospital room.

We are now providing services at the Cavendish Seniors Day Centre.  For more information please call 514-481-1100

Personal Training

Physiozone personal trainers are professionals who are dedicated to help you achieve your fitness goals – weight loss, sports performance, and muscle toning and strength. We are all knowledgeable in creating individualized programs, adapted to each client’s needs. As a client, we will teach you effective exercises and proper technique that will accommodate your lifestyle and empower you to achieve your personal best.

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