Clear & friendly.

I have attended physiotherapy sessions with Matthew for my back after an golf injury.

I appreciated his approach of using both manual techniques alongside other therapeutic methods for my back– I felt the combination was definitely of benefit to a speedier recovery.

He was always clear about the intention of the treatment, was very helpful with information around the injuries (Using 3D models to explain conditions) and always made sure I was doing the exercises right.

I found him knowledgeable, approachable and always took the time needed for each appointment.


Matthew treated my mother who lost her autonomy.  His ability to see my mother at her house made her recovery seamless.  He was always compassionate and professional pushing my mom within her boundaries.  We are grateful for his care and now my mom can manage like before.


I contact Physiozone when I needed help with my shoulder pain.  I appreciated Matthew’s flexibility when it came to booking sessions. His flexible hours made it easy for me to attend sessions.  He was also very approachable if you had questions after your session. Always taking the time to answers any questions I might have had.


Matthew was so helpful. He was patient, knowledgeable and professional. His programs, pain management, and gentle hands on assistance, was a huge help. Thank you for getting me back to normal life and running again.

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